Chinese Calligraphy, Exclusive Souvenirs

Chinese Calligraphy, Exclusive Souvenirs
Chinese Calligraphy – Source: PiqselsChinese Calligraphy – Source: Piqsels
This souvenir from China is also quite famous because it is considered such beautiful art. To make it, required special expertise. It’s no wonder that many buy Chinese calligraphy as souvenirs.

There are many characters and styles for you to choose from. Starting from seal scripts, cursive scripts, running scripts, official scripts, and formal scripts. You can even make it with your own name or have your name changed to a Chinese name. Could be an interesting display!

Price: from 50 Yuan (around Rp. 100,000)

  1. Pearl Jewelry from Hainan
    Hainanese Pearls – Source: FlickrHainan Pearls – Source: Flickr
    Hainan is an area surrounded by ocean, so it has abundant marine products. One of the handicrafts from the sea that you can buy as souvenirs from Hainan, China is necklaces and bracelets made from pearls.

Then there are also key chains made from sea shells. Unique isn’t it? You can buy them around the beach or at souvenir shops.

  1. Beautiful Chinese Silk
    Chinese Silk – Source: FlickrChinese Silk – Source: Flickr
    Silk is one of the most popular souvenirs usually bought during holidays in China. The price is a little expensive, considering the quality.

To get Chinese silk at a cheap price, you can buy it in the form of smaller items. For example, bags, pillowcases, or other accessories.

Price: starting from 90-180 Yuan/meter (around Rp. 180,000-Rp. 360,000)

  1. Chinese Ceramic Crafts
    Food and Drink Souvenirs from ChinaChinese Ceramics – Source: Pxhere
    China is also famous for its ceramic crafts. Buy some as souvenirs for people you love. Whether bowls or glasses, they are all beautiful.

Chinese Souvenirs: Snacks, Food and Drinks

  1. Healthy Chinese Tea
    Food and Drink Souvenirs from ChinaChinese Tea – Source: Pixabay
    Apart from souvenirs and goods, you can also buy souvenirs in the form of snacks, food and drinks. An example is Chinese tea which is famous for its health benefits. Can facilitate bowel movements, reduce weight, and reduce blood fat.

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Well-known Chinese tea products include Qi Men Hong and Pu-erh black teas, fragrant teas, brick teas, Tie Guan Yin oolong teas, and green teas from various cities in China. All teas have a distinctive and unique taste.

  1. Xiao Long Bao, Original Food from Shanghai
    Food and Drink Souvenirs from ChinaXaio Long Bao – Source: Flickr
    For those of you who are looking for unique Chinese snacks, buy Xiao Long Bao. This authentic food from Shanghai is prepared by steaming in a basket made of bamboo.

Local people call it dumpling soup. You can buy it raw as a souvenir for Shanghainese food.

  1. Typical Hainan Coconut Milk Coffee
    Recommended Cheap Chinese Souvenirs and You Must Buy Hainanese Coconut Milk Coffee – Source: Pxhere
    For coffee lovers, don’t miss buying this typical Hainan, China souvenir. Unlike coffee in Indonesia, this typical Hainanese coffee has coconut milk as its raw material.
  2. Hainanese Dried Seafood
    Food and Beverage Souvenirs from China Hainan Dried Seafood – Source: Pxhere
    Not only crafts, you can also enjoy Hainanese seafood to take home. An example is Hainanese dried seafood.

There are also various variants, ranging from dried squid, dried octopus, dried clams, snakehead fish, etc. The price is also cheap and affordable, you know.

  1. Chinese herbal medicine which is famous for its efficacy
    Food and Beverage Souvenirs from ChinaHerbal Medicine – Source: Pixabay
    If you are on vacation to China, don’t forget to buy herbal medicines for souvenirs. Buy at a trusted herbal shop to avoid counterfeit products. Made from mainland Chinese herbs, its efficacy is beyond doubt.
  2. Dried Fruit, Unique Snacks from China
    Food and Drink Souvenirs from China Dried Fruit – Source: Pixabay
    China is also famous for its dried fruit snacks. You can find it on Nanjing Road, Bhoomi Store, and Family Mart. The price is also affordable so it is very suitable to buy as a souvenir.

Price: starting from 14 Yuan (around Rp. 28,000)

Apart from the list above, there are still many cheap Chinese souvenirs and souvenirs that you can buy. Don’t forget to prepare an itinerary before going traveling. If you don’t want the hassle, just order a tour package to China on AntaVaya. The SMART way to travel!